Warren Buffett is one of the great investor in the world. Wondering why he could do investment so well ? check it out the 2 videos about his top 10 rules for success that you might learn some ideas how to do it:


Warren Buffett's Top 10 Rules For Success

1. Find your passion

2. Hire well

3. Don't care what others think

4. Read, read, read

5. Have a margin of safety

6. Have a competitive advantage

7. Schedule for your personality

8. Always be competing

9. Model success

10. Give unconditional love

And another 10 more rules for success part two:

1. Don't dwell on mistakes

2. don't sleepwalk through life

3. Paint what your want

4. Think independently

5. Be rational

6. Surround yourself with great people

7. define your circle of competence

8. Assign yourself the right story

9. Bring the best out of people

10. Have fun



And his 6 Investment Advice & Strategy

1. Cash is a bad investment

2. Wait for the right pitch

3. Invest in productive assets

4. Evaluate the company first

5. Accept your mistakes

6. Invest in yourself