Do you know what the differences between poor people and rich people ? Here is the list with those 15 things shows up the behaviors:

1. poor people watch a lot of TV.

2. poor people eat fast food.

3. poor people buy clothes or products that are on sale.

4. poor people wake up later than rich people in their early years.

5. poor people are really into sports.

6. poor people don't shower as often as rich people do.

7. poor people blame others for their misfortunes.

8. poor people have no money saved.

9. poor people use credit cards or take out loans for useless things.

10. poor people tend to have more kids and earlier in their life.

11. poor people do not do regular checks with their medic.

12. poor people spend money before they get it.

13. poor people surround themselves with other poor people.

14. poor people never follow through on their ideas or potential.

15. poor people believe that others should help them reach the top


* If you have unlimited broadband, you may watch the video explains each difference: