Money is just a number ! Money is a platform for exchange almost everything. And there are so many to expense every month. But you can find hundreds ways to save more money if your be senseful everything in your daily life.

So hereunder are some hints for you:

1.minimize your desires
2.control your expenses, do budgetting, spend lesser

3.earn more as possible as you can ( by full time job, part time job, business, investment...etc. ) only 2nd hand products
5.plant your own fruit trees and vegetables
6.borrow item from others (without pay rental fee)
7.item exchange with other people item with your service (skills, knowledges, ideas, etc...)
9.collect recycle item from other people
10.self-learn information and knowledges on the internet for free
11.hitch hike transportation on sale or on promo or price drop or discount
13.ask for a free WiFi (or share internet with family or friends...)
14.use natural wood or bamboo to make item (for example toys...etc)

and more...

Here are some useful Youtube videos for your reference if your internet bandwidth is big. But suggest to skip these videos to save more money if you have tight budget on bandwidth.

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