“Look at market fluctuations as your friend rather than your enemy; profit from folly rather than participate in it.”
-- Warren Buffet

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It’s the passive income plan for financial freedom that you could no longer spend time and labor in exchange for money by
creating multiple passive incomes that make money automatically.

People's time and physical strength are limited, if you only rely on labor to make money, you will work until you die.  Find a way to make money to make money for you, let creativity converts into cash, rely on renting assets to others to make profit, and create a "multiple passive income" plan that allows money to work for you. It’s just a step away between you and financial freedom !

What are "active income" and "passive income"?

"Active income" means that the more you do, the more you earn, but when you have an accident or you are sick and unable to work, you will have no money if you don't do it; "Passive income" is like eating sugarcane upside down, it will take less and less time and energy, but Instead, your income is getting more and more, which allows you not to go to work, it will generate income while your are sleeping. And you got free time and decide the life you want.

Get rid of the wealth concept of "trade time for money"

Since young, we have been told with the concept of "work itself is reward", but hard work does not necessarily make you rich, nor can you retire with peace of mind to live a second life. Who can guarantee that he/she can work for the rest of your life, not be unemployed, or not get sick , not getting old ? In the past 20 years, our working hours have increased sharply, but our income has not increased. Therefore, in this generation, it is enough to stop thinking about "trade time for money". If you want a rich and leisure life, You must flip your point of view of money !

To create a "multiple passive income" is a shortcut to financial freedom.

The rich people with financial freedom are not because of high salary, long working hours or strong ability, but because they have a multiple passive income, so they have time to have vacation and realize their ideals. To maximize income and minimize stress, the following are 6 types of passive income. Let money work for you:

1. E-commerce: the lowest threshold, let the traffic flow covert cash.

2. Stocks: The easiest investment to make money with money.

3. Real estate: Become a professional renter.

4. Intellectual property rights: to realize the ideal slash life.

5. Multi-level marketing: Turn contacts into cash.

6. Franchise Authorizer: Sell your business rights.

Money is not the ultimate goal pursued in life, but without money, you have to tie your hands and feet to everything. In order to get back the mastership of life, you don't want to be kidnapped by work and money, and you can enjoy your ideal life. Now start planning to create a multiple passive income. Let money automatically work for you and achieve financial freedom !

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