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Puerto Galera Port is a small harbour area located in nortern shore of Mindoro Island. It's a major port of Puerto Galera and attract many tourists arriving from Metro Manila in Luzon. Also it's beautiful and calm harbour scene looks like an oil painting and good for a short stay as well.


A middium crab boat (bangka) just arrived at Puerto Galera.


The street in front of pier of Puerto Galera.


Many souvenir shops on the street.


3 innocent kids play on the street.


A hat shop.




Yachts are parking at the port. Looks like an oil painting.


Yachts are parking at the port. Another oil painting.


Small bangas and yachts.


Even smaller bangkas.


A small bangka is parking at the pier.


Main entrance of Puerto Galera port.


2 ancient Cannons at the port.


How to get there ?

Puerto Galera is located at the nortern shore of Mindoro Island. If you departure from Metro Manila, you may ride bus from Metro Manila in the early morning (maybe 5:00am) down south to Batangas Port. It takes 1 hour and 45 minutes. Then ride ferry or super ferry in the port of Batangas to Sabang Beach or Puerto Galera. It takes about 3 hours ferry trip.


Puerto Galera lays inside several islands and Sabang Peninsula.



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