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The Aristocrat Restaurant which was established in 1936 is VERY popular to people especially for our Filipino pares. It is located at Roxas Boulevard (Sunset Boulevard) in Malate District of Manila City.

The Aristocrat Restaurant is located at Roxas Boulevard.

It was established since 1936.

port BBQ with rice.

Arroz Caldo

The famous and most popular specialty chicken BBQ with java rice and papaya salad of the Aristocrat Restaurant.

Pork Sigsig

Green mango shake


Specialty Iced lemon tea.

There are SO MANY customers every day and night. so it's 24hrs open.

The famous chicken BBQ with java rice.

The Java Rice is a must try basic.

chicken BBQ.

The Aristocrat Restaurant is located at Roxas Boulevard. Just right beside the Manila Bay.

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