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National Museum of the Philippines collects fine art, archaeology, ethnography, natural history in the country and covers categories from anthropology, zoology, botany, geology, archaeology to arts. It's a number 1 worth to visit museum in the Philppines. The location is just right beside Manila City Hall at Ermita distric and it's near also to Metro Manila citizens.

The main entrance of National Museum of the Philippines. National Museum was converted from former Legislative Building of congress way back in year 2010.

It's just right beside the Manila City Hall.

"Spoliarium" by Juan Luna y Novicio 1886, the main oil painting at the main hall at entrance. It's declared as a national cultural treasure since 2006.

"Portrait of a Lady" by Juan Luna.

"Portrait of Miguel Morayta" by Juan Luna, 1885.

"Una Bulaquena" by Juan Luna y Novicio.

An aboriginal wood sculpture plate on the wall of the hallway.

An exhibition hall display "The history of medicine of the Philippines".

Pamana - Heritage of a Nation. An exhibition of sketches of Filipino painter Fernando Amorsolo

"A Seated Man Wearing a Hat" by Fernando Amorsolo.

Portait of Mrs. Banks by Fernando Amorsolo, 1956.

Sketches of Fernando Amorsolo.

A man carrying a object, sketched by Fernando Amorsolo.

The painting table of Fernando Amorsolo.

All sketches of Fernando Amorsolo.

A sight through a window to the fountain.

A grid window industrial style.

View out to the building.

A tall tree in buildings.

National Museum is located at Ermita district in Manila City, just right beside Manila City Hall and Rizal Park.

Want to see more national treasures collections ? Take some time to visit National Museum !

National Museum of the Philippines

Address: P. Burgos Drive, Rizal Park, Ermita, Manila City, Philippines
Open Hours: Tuesdays - Sundays, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Entrance Fee: free admission.


Fine Art, Archaeology, Ethnography, Natural History


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