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For those people who want to build up house with lower cost and speed, hereunder we have found some providers for you in this list Top 10 prefab container house providers in the Philippines. One of these packages can even build a tiny house with total amount PHP89,000 only amazingly.

Paul and Sarah's shipping container get away for example.

And hereunder is the Top 10 prefab container house providers in the Philippines that you can really contact, inquiry, and build your dream tiny house :

Smart House Prefab


Smart House Prefab has serveral types of prefab houses for example like: 

Prefab Warehouse and Pre Engineered Buildings, 

Patented Luxury Container House, 

Standard Prefab House,

Luxury Prefab House,

Prefab Villa,

Patented Foldable Container House, 

Prefab Dormitory, 

Prefab Kiosk, 

Cement EPS Panel

Customers could find many models of houses to choose from their variety of catalogue first, and review their portfolio about the projects they ever processed, then inquiry for the best construction prices.

Indigo Prefab House


Indigo is a provider of smart prefab modular container house in the Philippines. They offer low cost high quality prefab warehouse. You can inquiry for fully insulated custom built homes.

Prefab PH


They offer the very best low cost prefabricated modular building. They design, built and deliver to the Philippines nationwide. Now everyone can afford to enjoy an architecturally designed home.

Prefabricated House & Homes Philippines

- High Quality Modular Homes

Prefabricated Homes in the Philippines. Affordable, Easy Construction, Fully Transportable, Modular, Resilient, High-quality, Top Rated and Tested.


| Dignified and Affordable Housing for Filipinos

CUBO is a modular housing solution designed to provide dignified living to low-income workers in Metro Manila.

Bahay Makabayan

| High Quality and Top Rated Modular Homes
With this, the concept of revolutionary innovation in Filipino mass housing has been developed. Driven by the mission, “Wala nang barong-barong na bahay para sa Pilipino.”


We can help you build your dream home !


Pinoy Builders

Prefabricated Homes – Better, Faster, Greener !


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