“Nothing remains without change.” -- Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama

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From this article you will learn what are the major differences between rich people and poor people.

1. Rich people read - a lot

2. They sacrifice the present for the future

3. Go all-in on their strengths

4. Believe they are responsible for their own fate

5. They set financial goals
    short term goal     1 month goal
    middle term goal  1 year goal
    long term goal      3 year goal, 5 year goal

6. The rich sleep less than the poor

7. Have money work for them
    smart investment not buying shit.

    Make money and let money work for you

8. The Rich don’t protest or boycott their produce.

9. The Rich think in terms of abundance not scarcity.

10. They play long game
    the poor want to get rich, they want it now

11. Focus on being healthy

12. Study other successful people

13. Have mentors

14. They understand the world is changing

    the rich people
    the poor think the good old days are gone...

15. They are making the world a better place.

    They push the boundary

16. Rich people get paid on results not on time.


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