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-- Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, Sakyamuni

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Greenbelt Shopping Mall is an oasis in the concret jungle of the city. It was brought to people by Ayala Corporation in 1988. It is the one of the most ambitious projects among all shopping malls in the Philippines. You will gonna love this place more and more if you ever visit here once.

Greenbelt Mall is located right beside Makati Avenue in the commercial business district (CBD) of Makati City.

One of the entrances to Greenbelt mall.

Greenbelt Mall plants a lot of trees and ponds that feels like a oasis in the city

You may feel also walking inside a garden while you are shopping.

A pond with fishes surrounded by bamboo trees.

This beautiful graden background with blue sky.


A cafe at the gruond floor has the advantage of cool breez blowing through.

Many international brands settle their branches here.

Power Books bookstore.

Whole the mall is with modern facilities.

Decorations inside the mall.

Greenbelt 2 area has dilicious international cuisines.

A fountain in front of Anvaya Cove real estate company.

Full of people inside the mall.

Greenbelt Mall is surrounded by many commercial and resident buildings.

A night view of Greenbelt 5.

Bird view of Greenbelt 3 plaza and cafes.

Functions of each Greenbelt area:

Greenbelt 1:

cinema, bookstore, restaurants, Ruston supermarket, appliance stores...

Greenbelt 2:

International cuisines, some with live band music playing durning the night hours.

Greenbelt 3:

cinema, karaokae, restaurants, cafes, sports wear, electric and gadgets store (Abenson) ...

Greenbelt 4:

International brands like LV, Gucci, etc...

Greenbelt 5:

Luxury products, cafes and restaurants, coffee shops.

Chapel in the garden

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