“God does not play dice with the universe.”
Albert Einstein

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And what are the disadvantages of using a free URL?

Whether it's a blog or an e-commerce site, as long as there is a website, buying a domain name is an initial priority.

This article will tell you why it is important to buy a domain name first.

Many free website platforms or free blog platforms have built-in free URLs. Then why do you have to buy a domain name first ?
The reason is: The cost of website conversion is too high if you don't buy a domain name at the initial stage.

Attached to the website provided by other free platforms, there may be no problem in the short term, but the long-term risk is actually very high.

Even Google's free blogging platform, google blogger, was abandoned by Google a long time ago and announced that it will not be updated.
Therefore, when it comes to business, it is needed to have its own independent website in the future definitely.
However, it is suggested to buy domain name for your website in the first place.

The reason is that there are three potential losses are much larger than the amount paid for the website if you are not buying the domain name.

1. Loss of SEO

All SEO scores of the operating website will be accumulated on your website.

The way to change the URL, is usually to add code to the old web page and let it automatically point to the new web page.
And remove the old content, re-post it to the location of the new URL, so that google search for 2 duplicates can not turn traffic, some sites, not necessarily let you

automatic jump, when the reader goes in and sees that the old URL has no content, it will not be connected to the new website.
In short, these processes will inevitably be lost.

It feels like you deleted a full-level game account, and then repeat it again. When Google evaluates your content, there must be a period of pain on it. Traffic will drop,

and traffic will not necessarily come back later.

If you have your own domain name and website, you will reduce the difficulty of moving (say migrating) data in the future.
After all, the house does not change only the interior decoration, the traffic will not run away, and the damage to the website is relatively small.

2. The free website platform is usually difficult to move, and the bigger the size, the more troublesome it is to change the website.

Any website migration, the bigger the website, the more troublesome the project is. The eariler you migrate, the more effort you save. If you don't have an engineering

background, please ask for help from others to move the website.

If you want to replace the backend system for your website, For example, migrating from free platforms to other more powerful features system... this is definitely not

easy. The reason is because these free platforms let you use freely, naturally hope that you are bound to their platform, So of course they don't want you to move away


This is why I don't recommend everyone to start using the free platform.
The worst you should use wordpress.com which is a highly compatible platform that will save you a lot of money in the future.

Learn how to set up a website with WordPress? search tutorials on google.

3. Good names are bought by others

If you start a brand, but the brand's best domain name was bought by someone else. If you want to buy it, you may have to pay dozens or even thousands of times the price.

After all, the domain name is in others' hands, and it is their responsibility to decide the price.

* For many online entrepreneurs, buying a domain is a casual habit.

Some people will grab the domain before the initial stage of business planning and before they are sure that it will be carried out before any actual operations.

At first glance, it took a lot of money, but in fact it cost some USD, and in the future it may save tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands USD.

Reasonable investment is investment instead of waste.

For those who don't want to buy a domain name, they don't know the importance of the domain name, and usually because they don't make money yet.

The truth about the domain name you need to know are:

* The truth 1. Actually the domain name is very cheap, at most USD35 a year.

Some registrars offer domain name for less than USD10 a year.

You should not want to buy a website that is too expensive, nor is it necessary.
Even if you don't make a decision, you only need to buy it for one year. If you don't use it, don't renew it.

If you use a virtual host such as bluehost.com to set up a website,
When you first buy it, you will be given a free one-year domain name, which is saved equivalent to USD35.

Read more: Build a WordPress website with bluehost? search it on google.

* Truth 2. When people don't spend money, it's hard to focus on

If you spend a USD30,000 to decorate a storefront, then even if the business is worse, you will want to put all your efforts to survive it.
If you don't spend half a cent to run a website, you won't be fully committed even if your potential is bigger.

Hope this article will help you start the website with less detours.

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