"It is hard to wake up someone who is pretending to be asleep." by Filipino Wisdom.

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Calsapa Hanging Bridge serves as a passage and doorway for a certain indigenous Mangyan tribe who reside in San Teodoro, Puerto Galera Mindoro. The village is beautiful in terms of natural scene and a silent river runs through it.


* The entrance of Calsapa Hanging Bridge at Calsapa, San Teodoro.



* Walking on the hanging bridge is exciting.



* Picture Picture !



* A clean river runs through it.



* A BIG grass land right besides the river.



* Mangyan villagers.



* Mangyan kids.



* The Kid shows his talent upside down.



* Calsapa Hanging Bridge is located at San Teodoro, a 23.8 kms distance and 40 minutes transportation from Puerto Galera City.





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