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I say Wawa Dam, you say Wawa Dam. If you ask me where to go to have a small break with mountain and water for citizens in Metro Manila. I would say go Wawa Dam in Montalban Rodriguez Rizal Province.

Wawa Dam is a small gem with beautiful landscape in the mountain area of the upper part of Marikina River in Rizal Province.

(image from Jemilyn Suelto's facebook )

Water foot massage and cooling down the summer heat.

(image from Atsilebar R Eim'z Facebook)

Peaceful water at Wawa Dam.

(image from Nourman Vincee Biscarra Garcia's Facebook )

Forest trekking.

(image from Maharlika Paradise's facebook )

Watch house of Wawa Dam.

(image from Jemilyn Suelto's facebook )

Tunnel on the way to Wawa Dam from main gate.

(image from Brian Yangson's facebook )

Big rocks on the Marikina river near Wawa Dam.

(image from Jomar Canto's facebook)

It's about 16.5km and 36 minutes transportation from McDonald's, E Santos, Marikina, 1800 Metro Manila, Philippines to Wawa Dam, Montalban, San Rafael, Rodriguez, Rizal, Philippines.

Some habby clubs has events to visit Wawa Dam:

Rider's Travel and Photography

Trail Hustle

April 5, 2020 postponed to May 3, 2020

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