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BOOK SUMMARY: Weird Ideas That Work is written by Robert I. Sutton in 2002. is a very useful book for entreprenur to brain storming for working with different people with different ideas.

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The CONTENTS of the book which the author introduces 11 weird ideas that you might be interested to implement on the business:

Why These Ideas Work, but Seem Weird

What Is Creativity, Anyway ?

Weird Idea #1: Hire "Slow Learner" (of the Organizational Code)

Weird Idea #1 1/2: Hire People Who Make You Uncomfortable, Even Those You Dislike

Weird Idea #2: Hire People You (Probably) Don't Need

Weird Idea #3: Use Job Interviews to Get Ideas, Not to Screen Candidates

Weird Idea #4: Encourage People to Ignore and Defy Superiors and Peers

Weird Idea #5: Find Some Happy People and Get Them to Fight

Weird Idea #6: Reward Success and Failure, Punish Inaction

Weird Idea #7: Decide to Do Something That Will Probably Fail, Then Convince YOurself and Everyone Else That Success is Certain

Weird Idea #8: Think of Some Ridiculous or Impractical Things to Do, THen Plan to Do Them

Weird Idea #9: Avoid, Distract, and Bore Customers, Critics, and Anyone Who Just Wants to Talk About Money

Weird Idea #10: Don't Try to Learn Anything from People Who Seem to Have Solved the Problems You Face

Weird Idea #11: Forget the Past, Especially Your Company's Successes

Building Companies Where Innovation Is a Way of Life.

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