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National Museum Quezon Palawan Branch considerred as Tabon Cave Museum exhibits ancient Tabon Cave's living by display ancient tools and  livingwares and kitchenwares. The famous clay jar (Manunggul Jar) with 2 boating men cap marks the iconic item found in Tabon Cave.

National Museum Quezon Palawan Branch is located at Quezon Town 137km distance south from Puerto Princesa City, the capital of Palawan province.

National Museum Quezon Palawan Branch

Tabon Caves model.

Tabon Cave is located at the base of a towering limestone cliff at the northeast corner of Lipuun Point facing the South China Sea. the mouth of the cave is eight meters high and sixteen meters wide. The dome shaped entrancec chamber is nearly forty-one meters in length. The ideal physical features of the cave explain why ancient man chose Tabon Cave as dwelling place during the last 40,000 years.

Wildlife species.

Plants species.

limestones and dolomite limestones.

local woodpecker birds and local animals.


lifeform under the sea.

A traditional house of Palawan rural area.

Tagbanwa writing on bamboo.

Guri Cave and Duyong Cave when 10,000 years ago.

jars in Tabon Caves when 2,000 years ago.

kitchenware in Tabon Caves when 700 years ago.

The iconic clay jar (Manunggul Jar) with 2 boating men on the cap.

Zoom in to the boating men cap of the Manunggul Jar.

Cover Box with painted teeth.

Tabon Cave Man is the early man in Palawan.

ropes and strings.

speargun for fishing.

ancient tools ancient local people used.

Livingware ancient local people used.

ancient tools.

Tagbanua, the gentle and peaceful Tagbanua live in villages found along the coastal and riverine areas of central Palawan.

Tagbanua / Pala'wan script and alphabets.

local livingwares.

local baskets.

local sculptures and handicrafts.

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