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Tagum City stands as a middium populated city at the south eastern coast Mindanao near Davao City. There are only few rooftop bars and restaurants here, you may see the simple list of Top 10 Rooftop Bars and Restaurants in Tagum City Davao del Norte province.

Big 8 Corporate Hotel

Address: National Highway, Visayan Village, 8100 Tagum City, Philippines

TEL: +63-84-216-0888
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

* Your one stop destination for business and leisure in Tagum City.

Rooftop Resto Bar

Address: Quezon St, Tagum, Davao del Norte, Philippines

Mobile: +63-912-674-8370

(* To be updated ... we thought there should be more rooftop bars and restaurants out there, but unfortunately we found few only after we have researched the rooftop topic on the internet as of this month Feburary, 2021 )

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