Be the change you want to see in the world.”
-- Mahatma Gandhi

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Even a small amount of money can be accumulated into a large amount of wealth by saving.
So, when you become a millionaire is up to you, and the only thing you have to do is to convert your expenses into savings.

If you don't save money, it is absolutely impossible to make a fortune as an ordinary person.

If you save 10 pesos a day and invest it in a savings project with an annual return on investment of 15%, after 30 years, you will have 1.82 million pesos.
Even if the annual return on investment is only 5%, there will be 256,000 pesos after 30 years.

Before saving the money, 10 rules you need to know:

1. With only 10 pesos saved every day, everyone can become a millionaire.

2. To become a millionaire, you must develop the habit of diligence and thrift, and save money regularly.

3. Must persist.

4. The sooner you start saving money, the sooner you will become a millionaire.

5. Interest rates have a key influence.

6. Risks and opportunities.

7. Long-term investment in good stocks.

8. Leverage the power of professionals.

9. You must understand the item you invest in.

10. When you get too excited, your money is in danger.

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