“Location, location, location.”
-- Harold Samuel, founder of Land Securities, UK

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It may be inconvenient to do budgeting, but it is the right choice.
The future will prove to you that people who act on budgets will reach their goals faster than those who do not act on personal budgets.
Those who don't do budgeting usually get worse life, and the money they earned is always used to pay off debts.

In order to be able to use money wisely, we need to make a good budget.

The personal budgeting is a plan for the use of funds based on future regular income and expenses.

To manage your personal budget, you must do the following 7 things:

1. Know your monthly income figures.

2. Know what are those sources of income you have?
    Salaries, commissions, benefits, bonuses, income from being a partner, income from financial investments, inheritance, income from renting real estate.

3. According to the expense status in the last few months, master your monthly expenses figures.

4. Understand what impulse shopping is. And how it destroys your ability to control budget.

5. Plan for bulk shopping.

6. Prepare a priority list.
    The necessities of life must always be ranked before the consuming goods that can be given up.

7. Understand why people don't like budgeting.

* Personal budget is usually increased in two ways:
a. Give up some consumption to reduce expenses.
b. Increase income, such as find another job (side line).

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