“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”
Albert Einstein

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The ways a youtuber or a blogger making money could be multiple income streams. Hereunder we list down 11 passive incomes that a youtube or blogger could have.

The so called passive income doesn't mean earn money without efforts, insteaed. Actually it requires to do research and do a setup at the first stage.

1. Google Adsense

This requires you to have your own website and configured with Google Adsense codes to your website, then you can earn incentive from Google AdSense by renting your ads space. The more traffic and more clicks on Google Ads, the more incentive you will earn. And off course the content you created shall comply AdSense Program policies.

2. Youtube Ads commission

It brings commission when you post videos to Youtube video channel and somebody watch those videos, then you could earn commissions from clicks.

3. affiliate program

CPL (Cost-Per-Lead) is a model in which the advertiser pays a fixed price for each lead that is generated.

CPA stands for Cost / or Commissions per Action and is essentially an umbrella type for a number of other models such as CPI and CPS.

Both you can earn form what your introduced third party's information to your customers and earn commissions from transactions or clicks.

4. rent your ads space on the website

Aside from renting your website space to Google Adsense, you can also rent your website ads space to third party sponsors that are interested in your website. This could earn much more than Google Adsense income. And you can plan and arrange the location of the sponsor's ads to whereever you want to maximize the income.

5. loyalty fee

Loyalty fee is something copyrighted that earn money from what you have created from picture, video, (personal) brands, etc. These are licensing your iconic materials to other people and earn layalty fee by purposes.

6. stock dividents

Stock dividents is common investment options that most rich people could have to keep receiving stable income quarterly or annually from their stock shares. The key to have a stable stock dividents is to make sure the company has stable sales revenues and stable dividents for the past 5 to 10 years. If you are worry about short term instability, you can consider to purchase ETF instead because ETF is consist of multiple companies' share and the risk is mostly distributed to each share of the companies.

7. interests from time deposit 

Interests from the time deposit is nowadays lower percentage usually 1 to 2% annually. But it is fairly important if you save emergency fund to time deposit. For example say USD3,000, you can have flexibility of funds and still earning a few interests to keep up with inflation rate (usually 3% annually).

8. build your own business (company)

To build your own business you have to put more efforts and pay attentions to it. Running a good business sometimes could earn you a lot of money comparing to other investment. The difference is time management of your work in business comparing to those paper assests (stock shares, ETF etc.).

9. rent your property

If you have some properties available and not use in time. You can rent them all to earn extra income. Like for example rent a house or rent a car.

10. books or ebooks

If you are a youtuber or a blogger is good at writing, you could write some books or ebooks. Especially when it comes to ebooks, it's high percentage of profit (commissions).

11. online courses

If you are talented and full of ideas on how to teach people to do something, you could prepare tutorials and open online courses. Platforms like: www.Fiverr.com or www.masterclass.com

12. membership and subscription

When you running a good business and attracts many members on your business (websites), you could earn membership fee or subscription fee from your members.

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