“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.”
Albert Einstein

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There are always some survival ways out there to escape from poverty. Read on this article and learn some tips that might work for you.

Poverty is no lack of money.

Money is foundation of more money.
You are poverty is not because of bad government, but your poor mindset.
A little changing in mind could help you escape from poverty.

Here are some tips that you can consider to take to escape from poverty situations:

1. Education
Like for example: learn personal finance, knowledges, etc.

2. Develop Skills
Learn skills that people want to pay for
for example: programming, marketing, graphics design

Be a personal that people want to work with.

3. Learn to sell
The highest pay job is sales.
Sell what you can sell by negociation.

4. Mind control
You spend time, energy, etc...
Take control of your mind and what you feel.

5. Entitlement
Learn the hard work,

6. Community resources
Use the local library, local school,
Join a training in workshop.
Develop friendship network.

7. Get professional
Some people would pay you for your professional.

8. Out of poverty masses
Not be part of poverty.

9. In with success
You desire to progressive.
And see how much you can get to what you want.

10. develop good personal finance
A good personal finance management will lead you to rich.

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