“They say when you consciously are in search of something then that means you are ready.”
-- C.J. Edmunds

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Do you know you can have 3 types of passive income to accumulate wealth ? They are what we call them: (1) cash dividends or bonus, (2) intellectual property, (3) rental of property or assets.

Now let’s share some models that can earn passive income:

1. Cash Dividends or Bonus from stock shares or bonds

It is a common dividend income from investing in stocks. If you are a petty bourgeoisie, you can choose to invest in US stock ETFs or invest in some stocks with high yields. Earn dividends. This is a way to earn passive income. Shareholder dividends are really Can it only be obtained by buying stocks? Not necessarily. For example, why some entrepreneurs have huge passive income is because the shareholder dividends they earn by starting a business as a boss are usually frighteningly high, because they created their own business, built a management team. They are the original shareholders, holding the largest number of shares. When the company is in normal operation, the company does not need the boss to personally do it all the time. He is always on the company site, and the company can operate normally. If he earns income, this business entity will also become his passive income. This is the second source of stock dividends.

2. Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the passive income most likely to be owned by ordinary people without financial background or technical background. Especially in the Internet age, as long as you can surf the Internet, you can create content. Strictly speaking, intellectual property rights are property, He has the characteristics of assets. For example: digital content such as text, pictures, videos, etc. All are your property. When you authorize others to use, you can choose whether to charge or not. It can be sold or sold on the Internet It is also a kind of passive income. Some people think that these things are not very passive income. Because it takes a lot of time to make and edit, it doesn’t feel easier. This is because the general sales like It is to carry a bucket, and passive income is like a water pipe, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive in the early stage. But once the water pipe is constructed, it will become a steady stream of running water. If you are passionate about creation, you can choose the passive income method of intellectual property .

3. Rental of Property and Assets

This type of passive income is relatively easy to understand. Because we all know that when we rent a house and pay rent, we are paying passive income to the landlord. Or when we rent a space or rent a car, we are also Pay passive income to the rental business. Or rent out computers or photographic equipment for others to use. Such rental items can earn passive income from real estate or movable assets. These items are all necessities of a customer. They can help customers create value.

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