“There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult. ”
-- Warren Buffett

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What is shared here is with the aim that we can all learn from everyone on personal finance education.
Take what works for you.

To begin with, a bit of history.

It is estimated that the Jewish population around the world is 15 million inhabitants. More than 80% is concentrated in Israel and the USA.

This culture became saver and farsighted because years ago, they went through several difficult times, both economically and socially, which is why they saw the need to save every peso they received.

Professional job opportunities were not so available to Jews in the past, so they began to chart their own paths.

For example: When it was the 1929 Crisis in the USA, the Jewish people were one of the few sectors that were not so affected by this economic impact.

     "Savings was not an end in itself but a means to achieve their objectives."

1. What can we learn from this culture ?

-They take very seriously the idea of investing to create businesses, to develop professions and to pay for their children's education.

-They save money so as not to depend on low wages and at some point in life, be the owners of their time and money.

-Innovators and inventors. franchise creators

     The amount of money you earn will always be directly related to your contribution and your service. The more value you contribute to society, the more money will come to you.

2. Money is not a controversial topic

It is one more tool in life. Money serves as leverage to get products and services that improve the quality of life of people and achieving it is essential for the objectives of each one.

     Every peso counts and you have to do something with every peso that comes your way.

3. Never put a cap on your income

Do not work to get a salary with office hours, invest in businesses to generate more income.

Here we leave you 3 types of investment that you can apply in your life:

- Wealth comes from investing in land (houses, apartments, rent that generates profits month after month).

- Investment in businesses to reinvest in them and make them grow. You provide a service to people and if it is good, they will eventually come to you. This is known as cyclical gain: you get what you give.

- Liquid money waiting for the opportunity to be invested at the best time.

4. Method of the 4 jars in the style of money management

(1) Allocate 10% of your monthly income to donations, collections, charity work, etc.

(2) Pay first and save 20%. Visualize this percentage as a salary for you and do not save what is left over.

(3) Use 20% to invest

(4) 50% to spend and cover the family's debts

5. Master your debts

-It is advisable to stay away from consumer debts and all those that are acquired to buy 'entertainment' products.

-They use their credit cards to the letter because staying debt free is key to saving more.

-Bye to interest and pay on time

     In order to save more, you have to earn more money

6. Living below your income

-This implies thinking about the future all the time and never spending more than your income or your savings

-They know well how much they earn and how much is the 'cap' money they can spend

-Low maintenance cost: in the car, at home, etc.

-They save until they have enough money to pay in a single exhibition.

7. Have annual goals

-You have to be permanently prepared to increase your income.

-Ask yourself: What am I doing right now to earn more money?

-You have to be aware that you have to prepare professionally and enter the world of entrepreneurship

-Planning and strategy are basic for good money management.

-They use their savings so that each year, their income is higher than the previous year.

     Invest in master's and doctoral degrees. The more studies, the higher the salary.

As you can see, they are basic tips that you can implement in your life little by little.

We hope they work for you and that you fulfill your mission: invest and save like a pro.

Don't stop and keep learning.

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