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Playa Papagayo is located at highway no#306 between Kalaklan and Barretto in west shore of Olongapo City Zambales province near Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Some other beaches nearby are also worth to visit that are Half Moon Beach, Manga Beach, Sierra Beach, Baloy Beach,White Rock Beach etc.


Within a very traditional kubo, it's quiet and relaxing under summer's sun.


Another side is the mountain of Zambales.


Some rocks on the beach.


You can rent a bangka boat to float on the sea for a while.


The beautiful white sands in front of Adamos Beach Resort.


A very cozy afternoon in the coffee shop in front of the resort.


A happy kid with his happy papa playing sand.


And the father his daughter joins to play the sand too. And then her wife took this picture. ha ha.


Playa Papagayo is located at Barretto area in Olongapo City, Zambales Province along No. 306 highway.




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