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Amazing ! Manila Bay is different today ! Look at this white sand beach ! It's newly Manila Bay transformation project by government who moved 3,500 WMT (wet metric tonnes) of  crushed dolomite rocks from Cebu and dumpped in Manila Bay. This artificial beach catches eyes of citizens and public and is espected to be a new tourist attractions of Manila city.

The Manila Bay White Sand Beach attracts many Youtubers and bloggers to review the progress of the Manila Bay Rehabilitation Program.

It's amazing because people never see this artificial beach to be carried out here before.

The Manila Bay White Sand Beach is located at down town Manila City face to the sea shore.

The Manila Bay White Sand Beach is surrounded by hotels.

It's along the Roxas Boulevard with high traffic load area.

(* You may watch this youtube video length 11:53m long if you hav a bigger bandwidth for your internet)

MANILA BAY White Sand Beach is OPEN! Breathtaking First Walk on Sand (Huge Transformation)

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