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Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center in Puerto Princesa is one of the popular attractions in Palawan is famous with it's The Crocodile Farm inside. It's also as known as Crocodile Zoo.

Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center is located at the west side of the city Puerto Princesa at the highway to south Palawan.

The entrance of Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center.

Pasalubong center (souvenir shop)

Crocodiles are safe kept in the pool.

A young crocodile open it's mouth. Crocodile is wild beast.

Same aged crocodiles are safe kept in the same pool.

A tourist is holding a young crocodile.

A zookeeper explain the life of crocodile.

Tourists are holding a young crocodile.

Most of the time crocodiles are sleeping.

For elder crocodiles live outside pool.

An adult corcodile open it's mouth to show it's power.

Crocodiles are taking sun bath.

An ostrich.

It's full of trees inside the zoo.

Wild animals inside the cage.

Full tree leaves.

A wildbird.

Some other wild birds.

A huge crocodile skin and bones sample displayed in the show room.

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