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Mount Gulugod Baboy, Mabini, Batangas is a mountain trekking site which is about 70 kms distance from Metro Manila and an one day easy trekking with 500 meters high from sea level. It's easy for basic trekkers of urban citizens from Metro Manila.



* A large map of Mount Gulugod Baboy, Mabini, Batangas near Anilao.


* The entrance is near Mt. Gulugod Baboy Tourist Assistance Center near Philpan Dive Resort entrance.



* The entrance of the Mt. Gulugod Baboy Trail, you can hire a tour guide (who are kids sometimes from the village near the trail entrance) before you start trekking.



 * bird view to the sea.


 * Many trekkers along the way.


 * Village in the middle of the trail.


 * Another bird view from higher level.


 * Climbing the mountain.


 * Almost to the summit.


 * Karabao on the mountain.



* Finally we got the summit of Mount Gulugod Baboy.


 * The rest area at the entrance where you can take a rest after long way trekking. 




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