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Pico de Loro is located in Mount Palay-Palay National Park in Maragondon Cavite province. It is a good option for 1-day mountain trekking for trekkers from the metropolitan that it's only about 50 kms distance from Metro Manila. And it's also a trip to conquer our hearts !

Yes, one day trekking...Although it's usually 2 days 1 night trekking and campping. But you can compress the schedule to 1 day trekking and still could enjoy the beautiful view and forests while climbing the mountain.

The distance from Metro Manila to Mount Pico De Loro is about 66 kms and 1 hours 42 minutes to go by driving a car.

Take the costal expressway to Bacoor then take highway via Tampa to Nasugbu-Ternate Highway to Mount Palay-Palay National Park.

Remember to buy at least 1.5 liter of mineral water or sport drink and lunch in the town before you depart for Pico de Loro.

across a river on the highway.

Mount Palay-Palay National Park is on the same way to Puerto Azul.

Across the bridge

Sometimes you can see carabaw at the side of the highway.

Now we arrived jump-off point the DENR Mount Palay-Palay Field Office's parking area.

You can park your car here.

The Pico de Loro Trial is starting from DENR Mount Palay Field Office. And it's about 3 hours to the summit of Pico de Loro by foot.

Now the entrance of the mountain trekking is just right beside the parking area.

Yes. straight ahead ! rocks on the road !

it's a small road actually. with grass surrounded.

Big trees are seen everywhere in the national park.

Straight ahead, soon to arrive summit...

The forest is adopted by many non-profit projects.

A stream lays across the road.

One of the project "Adopt A Forest Program" handled by IMES way back year 2004.

You can see the ocean through the forest.

A onion stone appears.

The only trekking road is surrounded by green grass and trees.

A sign shows the way to Pico De Loro.

A tropical tree.

A tree falls down on the road.

Some mushrooms rise on the dead tree.

Another stream.

See the mountain at the other side.

Red flower bloosom.

Take a rest at the canteen at Base Camp #1 on the way to Pico de Loro.

Sign board of mountaineers' clubs.

A funny tarpaulin by El Bogsa Catis Mountaineers, Kabite, Pilipinas.

We keep moving forward and found Rocks on Rock stack. I think it's a good sign that we are on the right track.

A mountain is at the other side.

Enjoy the forest and breath the fresh air.

Another small stream.

Pico de Loro is near, follow the sign.

A rock with special lines and dots.

Walking inside the forest in the national park.

A group of mountaineers take a rest on the way to Pico de Loro.

Wow, unbeatable view from the top of the mountain. And you can see the Batangas province at the far side.

Finally we have arrived at the Pico de Loro na !!

Mount Pico de Loro is famous of its shape of Parrot's beak.

Some mountaineers climbed onto the top of beak.

Some mountaineers walking down the othe side of the mountain.

People camp with good view.

People camp here.

And people camp there.

Enjoy the super beautiful sky and mountain view.

A buena vista good view from the mountain top to the valley.

Now we come back before the sunset...to end our one day trekking.

You can see flowers along the road trekking down the Pico de Loro...

Ya ! We finished a COMPRESSED mountain trekking within one day to Pico de Loro in Mount Palay-Palay National Park.

We conquer the mountain, the view conquers our hearts !


Mt. Pico De Loro's Facebook Page


Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Kagawaran ng Kapaligiran at Likas na Yaman


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